6 Coronavirus #StayATHome Movies To Watch To Fight Cabin Fever - COVID 19 Movies

6 Coronavirus #StayATHome Movies To Watch To Fight Cabin Fever – COVID 19 Movies

Neither Coronavirus COVID 19 or Social distancing is a good word to the ears and being stuck at home isn’t fun, but we could create the very best of it with a few old favorites.

Who else understands when we say COVID 19 Movie?

Let us face it: self-isolation and social distancing aren’t exactly the most fun way to spend your time, but at the face of the greater good, it’s definitely worth it. And, besides, it will kind of harken back to the halcyon days of this snow day for all those who were fortunate enough to get them. Or, the sick day for those of you who weren’t. There was something a bit magical about being trapped at home rather than in school as a child and part of that magic came in the freedom to watch films over and over again to your heart’s content.

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Now, the situation with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is fairly dramatically different (and infinitely more serious) compared to rose-colored days of our youths, to make sure–and the list of occasions, movies, and conventions postponed, postponed or canceled entirely keeps rising –we can still do what we can to create the best of a lousy situation. 

Muppets Treasure Island - Covid-19 Movie 2020

Movieandgamezone editorial has come together to return to their favorite movies to watch when stuck indoors for whatever reason–out of nostalgic deep-cuts to contemporary classics.

And together: we’ve termed it COVID 19 Movies


 These are the movies which have helped us get through the cabin temperature of the great inside, and we certainly hope they will do the same for you.

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Muppets Treasure Island – Meg Downey, Associate Entertainment Editor – COVID 19 Movie

Sometimes, you only need to get a troupe of Muppets perform musical renditions of literary classics to really make you feel much better.

Muppets Treasure Island Shiver my timbers

There is just something magical about a muppet-filled pirate adventure. This used to be my go-to”home sick from school” movie back as a child and it still holds up – everything from Tim Curry belting out sea shanties in the company of Kermit the Frog into the terrifying Blind Pew who kisses the movie off by not-quite-murdering (but also definitely killing ) Billy Connolley.

Muppets Treasure Island - Covid-19 Movie 2020 1

And, to really ice the cake, there’s even a whole musical number about feeling like you’re losing your mind because you are stuck inside. It’s quite literally the ideal picture for the situation.


Hackers – Chris Hayner, Entertainment Editor – COVID 19 Movie

No, you won’t understand how to hack computers within this picture. However, you’re going to learn how to look and behave incredibly cool, in case you be transported back to 1995–a personal fantasy of mine. Hackers, for how silly it is, is actually a very entertaining movie and the specific type of comfort food you need when you are stuck in the home for any reason.

It stars a young Angelina Jolie as a teenaged computer programmer who, along with her fellow teen hackers (played by Jonny Lee Miller, Mathew Lillard, and a variety of other terrible dressed kids), goes toe-to-toe with a wicked hacker framing them for attempting to capsize oil tankers. Why is he doing that? He can steal cash from the oil business, of course.

Come for the budding love between Jolie’s Acid Burn and Miller’s Zero Cool, stay for the ridiculous special effects, unrealistic use of computers, and lots of technobabble that mostly does not make sense. Then enjoy the over-the-top functionality by Fisher Stevens as the evil hacker, who’s an adult named Eugene that calls himself The Plague and rides a skateboard. Hackers truly has everything.


Masters of the Universe – Mat Elfring, News Editor of Entertainment – COVID 19 Movie

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a terrible animated series which I watched each and every morning before going off to elementary school. So when the live-action adaptation of that cartoon came to the big screen in 1987, needless to say, I was first in line. As it came out on VHS, I possessed a copy. Every time I stayed home from college, I curled up into the living room watching that flaming skip of a movie.

Masters of the Universe Trailer


Masters of the Universe isn’t just a poor adaptation of a weekly 30-minute commercial for toys, it’s a bad attempt at making a movie with a coherent plot. But Billy Barty was in it, which made me quite happy. 

He-Man has to go to Earth to play a magical keyboard or whatever, and he ends up teaming up with Courtney Cox–shortly after she was in that Bruce Springstein music movie . Frank Langella–most known for his role as the street-savvy cop in Brainscan–plays with Skeletor here, and he appears to be the only actor from the movie that give it all.

The nostalgia factor is strong with this one for me personally. Sure, I just dedicated a solid amount of time slam dunking on a film that’s already been slam-dunked on for 30 decades, but I receive a very warm and fuzzy feeling when this movie comes on. Side note: I highly recommend the Masters of the Universe installment of Toys That Made Us and the documentary Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films. Both of these provide much greater insight into why this film is an awful nice COVID 19 Movie.

Big Trouble in Little China – Lan Pitts, Entertainment Writer


There is a thing about a story about a white collar superhero that seems more than relatable.

Big Trouble in Little China (1/5) Movie CLIP – The Three Storms (1986) HD

“Big Trouble” is about truck driver Jack Burton (played iconically by Kurt Russell) as it pertains face-to-face with ancient wicked and powerful magics, while trying to live so he can get paid.

There’s a lot to appreciate about”Big Trouble” as it is not a standard 80s action movie. Yeah, a number of the signature tropes are still there, but the majority of them are embodied in Russell’s performance as Jack, the remainder is a martial arts sword and sorcery film that really is one of some kind.

The Matrix – Mike Rougeau, Managing Editor of Entertainment

When things are not going so good –for me or to the world generally, as is now the case–there is nothing I love more than fetal’ing up under a blanket and allowing myself to become completely absorbed in a familiar but deeply immersive narrative. And what could be more immersive than a picture about the very fabric of the planet where we live?


In the opening action scene where Trinity flees from the machines’ Agents, to Neo’s first meeting with the mysterious Morpheus, all the way through the revelation of what the Matrix is, Neo’s coaching, and his eventual confrontation with Agent Smith, The Matrix is essentially a perfect picture.

There is nothing in this movie that’ll take you from it or make you think about all of the things you would rather not consider, from present politics into looming global pandemics. In any case, if we are living in a simulation, then rapidly spreading, highly infectious viruses can’t really hurt us–right?

Thor: Ragnarok – Tamoor Hussain, Senior Editor

When stuck indoors I gravitate towards films and TV which lift the spirit, lighten the mood, and inject a little energy in to my own world. I want to feel like I’m hanging out with pals, kickin’ it, sharing jokes, poking fun at each other and–about the odd event –becoming up to a little mischief. 

These days, the film that I lean on to provide me this feeling is Thor: Ragnarok, a wacky story about a superhero god that gets stranded on another world ruled by Jeff Goldblum. Ragnarok is, from it’s opening minutes, a film about making light of the circumstance and adopting the ridiculousness of it all.

Almost every scene provides a joke which tickles, and you can bet a bolt of lightning that I am quoting every Korg line. Watching that film is like being surrounded by mates, which is ideal to stave off the madness of isolation. Whenever I’m starting to lose the plot somewhat, I could only shout,”The hammer pulled off you?” and all is well.



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