Airport Staff Notices Man ‘Walking Strangely’ — Then Finds Over 2 Pounds Of Gold In His Rectum

Airport Staff Notices Man ‘Walking Strangely’ — Then Finds Over 2 Pounds Of Gold In His Rectum


The man was reportedly trying to avoid paying An 18 percent tax on stone.  While using a weird walk Unfortunately for one airline passenger, team noticed his odd walk in India’s Kannur International Airport on Tuesday — and discovered two pounds of gold in his bum.

Airport Staff Notices Man ‘Walking Strangely’ — Then Finds Over 2 Pounds Of Gold In His Rectum

According to LadBible, the Indian guy With a hefty tax anticipating him Kannur, it appeared as though he’d taken desperate measures to prevent paying his due. After the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) took over, this suspicion was confirmed.

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In accordance with The New York Postthey discovered 972 Another passenger on the exact same flight was captured with nearly two times as much, though it’s unclear whether they moved through similar techniques of concealment.


“AIU Kannur seized gold in compound form (972 gm expressed ) from “The gold was concealed in the rectum.”


Precious and highly-coveted metal is rather common among passengers from Arab countries to India. A quick glance at the social media pages of customs departments shows proof of these contraband posted virtually every other moment.

Chocolate boxes or concealed pockets in purses to hide the alloy. More resourceful smugglers take apart umbrellas or pens to thoroughly conceal their golden, while Tuesday’s passenger was obviously of a more challenging nature.

Just a day after, customs officials in Kozhikode, in the same Area of India, captured a guy coming from the United Arab Emirates with gold-lined panties. According to The National News, it was the seventh effort of golden – or money-smuggling to India from a Gulf state last week.


The tax in India aims to suppress the fiscal power of Various prohibited networks working in the country. Smuggling the malleable and lucrative metal seems to have been an efficient way to enhance profit-margins, with police recently identifying some involved gangs.

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Together with the obvious pipeline involving the United Arab Emirates and India, officials in both nations have said they are working to trace whatever crime syndicate at the top is pulling these strings.

Airport Staff Notices Man ‘Walking Strangely’ — Then Finds Over 2 Pounds Of Gold In His Rectum

Only a couple of months ago, customs officials at Kerala seized 66 Hidden in cylindrical locks, authorities realized how grand and sophisticated this kind of smuggling had become and started a major investigation.

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In possibly among the most obvious cases of overconfident Smuggling, one passenger in the United Arab Emirates tried to hide nearly 1 pound of gold behind the exhalation valve of the N-95 mask. Based on The Hindustan Times, the September incident shocked the professionals.


This is the very first time We’re coming across such a concealment “It shows smugglers are out to exploit every situation whether it’s pandemic or not. Usually we avoid masks and they were using this chance to smuggle.”


Finally, while last week’s incident will be received by many Using a chuckle and a shrug, it’s another reminder of the geopolitical realities Of the region. Whether hidden in a tube or stuffed into someone’s anus, then The prevalence of gold smuggling points into bigger issues.


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