American Airlines Cancels flight after Muslim man flushes toilet twice

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  • Two Muslim passengers on board an American Airlines flight have said they were racially profiled after the service was canceled due to “safety and security concerns”. 
  • This statement was made by Mr. Abdallah, a Muslim man at the press conference hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.



Mr. Abdallah met Abderraooft Alkhawaldeh and they greeted each other on the flight from Birmingham, Alabama to Dallas, Texas. Both Muslim men alleged the cabin crew grounded the plane after this greeting under the auspices of “maintenance concerns”


Abdallah went to the toilet afterward. The Muslim man was shocked to see the flight attendant eavesdropping at the door moments after flushing.

According to Mr. Abdallah, the cabin crew then called the police because they were uncomfortable with two of them aboard the plane.


Muslim man flight cancels toilet


All passengers exited the plane while Abdallah and Alkhawaldeh went to the coffee shop. In those moments, they were approached by a plain-clothes man, officers on a uniform and later by an FBI agent. Their luggage was also rechecked.


Obviously stunned, both men felt discriminated against for their ethnicity and religion. The other Muslim man, Mr. Alkhawaldeh said he has been a loyal customer since 1989 and has flown more than one million miles with American Airlines. 


At the conference, he added that that event has put a lot of stress on him and given sleepless nights. “Those who are responsible must be held accountable,” He spoke.

Alkhawaldeh also said the airline ruined a happy occasion for him because he planned on celebrating his 29th wedding anniversary a day after his flight. This Muslim man is happily married to his wife with five kids and two grandchildren.


In a statement, American Airlines have promised to reach the two men about the incident. Regardless, racial profiling has already been done by the company.


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