Ik Ogbonna rocks male wig in new photos

Bald actor, Ik Ogbonna rocks male wig in new photos

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has looked to ditching his trademark bald look and embraced rocking a man wig in new photographs he’s been sharing on his Instagram page lately.

Ik Ogbonna rocks male wig in new photos

The actor won’t be the first Nigerian man celebrity who will be rocking a male wig because the likes of singers KCee, Peter P-square along with many others have been spotted donning the artificial hair.

Ik ogbonna took to his Instagram page to exude an encounter he had with the wig. According to him, the wig became stained once he took it off, he prayed that whosoever does not want him rocking the look will not prosper.

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He wrote;

Devil is a liar So I rested my brand-new hair on the wall and next thing it turned white…. No weapon created against this particular hair shall prosper

Ik Ogbonna rocks male wig in new photos

Reacting to this, his friend and writer, Alexx Ekubo, who is among those that does not want him rocking the appearance, wrote,

“That’s because the gods are angry, you are not supposed to get hair on your head, it’s a taboo, but have ever seen a garden in the middle of a desert??? IK  Ogbonna the gods are angry eliminate that sponge on your head before its too late. Embrace your internal Alopecia #BringBackMyBaldIK”

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“iam_kcee WhatsApp band, advise your member about the do’s & do not na. Can water touch it? Could he sleep with it on? Communicate na, make una communicate


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