Did Trump Just Postpone ICE's Planned Deportation? - Twitter

Did Trump Just Postpone ICE’s Planned Deportation? – Twitter

President Trump postpones ICE’s planned deportation raids in 10 big cities 😂😂

Oh yeah, good luck to as many of you that are on Trump’s deportation list. This time, Democrats saved your asses and lol, I hope you’d be saved again and again and yet again…😂😂😂

President Trump .D. has postponed the ICE’s planned operation that would have targeted 2,000 families who have received deportation orders. 

Realistically, my eyes got stuck on some of the mixed reactions under this thread as I wouldn’t fail to share some of those here…lol, some comments are really a laugh-dose!!


Did Trump Just Postpone ICE's Planned Deportation? - Twitter -1

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