DJ Khaled - POPSTAR (feat. Drake) [Starr. Justin Bieber]

DJ Khaled – POPSTAR (feat. Drake) [Starr. Justin Bieber]


DJ Khaled surprises fans by dropping a massive movie for his hit “Popstar.” The eight-minute clip, headed by X, stars among the greatest pop stars on Earth, Justin Bieber, that Drake famously cries on the monitor (“Shit do generally get this big without a Bieber confront”).

DJ Khaled – POPSTAR (feat. Drake) [Starr. Justin Bieber]

In the opening scene, a constant Khaled attempts to get Drake to take a video for the monitor. “This guy’s off his rocker,” says Drake after receiving a barrage of calls and texts in the We the very best mogul.

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However, he eventually caves in and calls in favor by requesting the Biebs to star in the video. “I gotta do it,” adds Drake.

Justin Bieber is residing in pop star life! The 26-year-old singer celebrities from the music video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s monitor, “Popstar,” which premiered immediately on Thursday.

At the beginning of the movie, Drake, annoyed with Khaled’s constant calls, grapples with the way to star in a music video when he’s not able to travel due to COVID-19. At some point, the 33-year-old rapper makes the decision to call in a favor and get his pal, Justin, to take his place.

Justin, who lip-syncs Drake’s lines in the extravagant movie, is the epitome of a pop star, waking up in a mansion that’s full of scantily-clad ladies, acquiring a security guard for a shadow, and drinking alcohol all day and night.

The video has a brief look from Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun — a nod to the monitor’s line, “You’d probably think my manager has been Scooter Braun” — along with the”Sorry” singer being a fantastic sport and lip-syncing his ex, Selena Gomez’s, title when he reaches the lineup, “Aye, look, Arianna, Selena my Visa.”

The outlandish party proves to be all in Justin’s head, however, as we wake up in bed with his real-life wife, Hailey Bieber, also clarifies the”crazy dream” he had about taking Drake’s place at a music video.

“I love you, baby,” Justin informs Hailey as he shakes off the fantasy. “Let’s go walk the dog”


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