End SARS protest: Ogu calls on Nigeria players to boycott games to ‘make a statement’

End SARS protest: Ogu calls on Nigeria players to boycott games to ‘make a statement’


The 32-year-old has advocated The Super Eagles not to honor matches after the killing of protesters that are calling for an end to police brutality

End SARS protest: Ogu calls on Nigeria players to boycott games to ‘make a statement’

Nigeria international John Ogu has predicted On his teammates to boycott their upcoming games in protest against the authorities.


The three-time African champions will take on Sierra Leone at 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in November.


The Branch was convicted of assaults, illegal detentions, and also the murder of Nigerian youths, and although the unit was disbanded weeks past, the demonstration continued unabated as protesters increased their requirements, calling for an end to bad governance and poor economic conditions.


Ogu, who has 26 caps to the Super Eagles, has urged his teammates not to honor Nigeria’s upcoming matches in protest of the episode.

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“What’s the point in Representing the country if this is exactly what the politicians, the people we’re representing, how can do ?”


“I feel as this is the Finest thing to do right now until they return to their senses and listen to us.


“We need great Authorities, the police brutality to stop, we want the SARS to cease, we need the killings to stop, we need good laws, we need job opportunities. It’s just crazy.


“I think the Majority of my Colleagues understand where I’m coming from, I wish we can accomplish this. You will find games coming up and if we boycott those games I’m sure they’ll know we’ve made an announcement.


“I have not really spoken To some of my team-mates about this. They feel for the folks here, their loved ones, the ones that have expired. I’m sure the players know.”


Ogu is currently in Lagos later Leaving Saudi Arabian club Al-Adalah in September and has been actively involved in the protest.

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“In Lagos, it’s brutal now. Burning banks, cars, police channels. It’s dangerous to go out. The Nation is a shambles,” he continued


“I have been at the protests six or seven times. It is always calm.


“I Don’t know [whether there’ll be a boycott]. I don’t know what is in the heart of the other boys. I’m sure everyone is thinking about this now. We have a game. If this thing has been next month we will not play.

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“How do I proceed to the Federal team to represent my nation to symbolize the authorities and the people when I think of the lost souls of those who’ve been killed?”


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