#EndSARS protests: Nigeria president commits to ending police brutality

#EndSARS protests: Nigeria president commits to ending police brutality

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is determined to End police brutality, introduce reforms and attract”erring personnel… to justice”.

#EndSARS protests: Nigeria president commits to ending police brutality

His remarks came after two days of protests sparked by a video of a guy supposedly being murdered by police.

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The Protest movement initially targeted the national Specific Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars), widely accused of unlawful arrests, torture, and murder.


Past Responsibilities to modify the behavior of the police have not had an effect, critics say.


In a string of tweets, the president said that his administration’s”decision to reform the authorities should never be in doubt


He added that he was being”briefed… about the reform efforts ongoing to stop police brutality and dishonest conduct”.


However, He called for calm and emphasized that many police officers were dedicated to safeguarding Nigerians.


On Friday, in the capital, Abuja, police fired tear gas at protesters who were highlighting police harassment and brutality.


A Police spokesman said the minimum force was used however, demonstrators told the BBC that some folks had been beaten and one said she’d heard gunshots.

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British-Nigerian Star Wars actor John Boyega has also voiced his financing on social networking.


‘Targeted to be flashy’


The #EndSARS hashtag was first believed to have been used in 2018, but it appeared more a week ago after the alleged killing of a young guy by officials from the Sars unit.


Many Individuals were using the chance to share stories of brutality attributed to the police unit, which includes developed notoriety for unduly profiling young men and women, reports the BBC’s Nduka Orjinmo from Abuja.


Those Considered”flashy” often draw in the Sars officers’ focus and very few walk away without needing to hand over money, while some are arrested or jailed on trumped-up charges and a few have been murdered, our correspondent adds.

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On Sunday, Nigeria’s inspector general of police Mohammed Adamu banned the Sars unit from carrying out stop and search responsibilities and establishing roadblocks.


He Also stated members of Sars must always wear uniforms and promised the unit could be investigated. But Protesters want the unit disbanded completely.


Past promises


Two Years past, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo tweeted he had directed that the”direction and activities of Sars” ought to be overhauled” with immediate effect”.


Then Last year, a particularly formed Presidential Panel on the Reform of the Particular Anti-Robbery Squad recommended reforms along with the dismissal and prosecution of officers accused of abusing Nigerians.


At The moment, President Buhari gave the mind of police three weeks to work out how changed.


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