Evil Birmingham Carer Jailed For Abusing 101-year-old Senior

Evil Birmingham Carer Jailed For Abusing 101-year-old Senior

Lol😂😂😂😂, caregiver finally goes to jail for intentionally molesting a senior under her care and supervision – but wait, that secret camera did a good job Mennn!

Seriously, hope that this sends a very strong signal to those of us who’d rather hire carers and caregivers to see-after and care for our advanced parents.

Not everyone you see is a nice person, some are just chronic pretenders and lacking moral scruples.

In her case, she was has been jailed for abusing an elderly and frail woman with dementia in her home in Birmingham.

The abuse was captured on a secret camera installed by the woman’s family. Her family became concerned after they saw bruising on her body and her grandson heard her screaming in her bedroom. He set up a secret camera to get to the bottom of what was happening.

The footage, shot in early August last year, showed several forms of abuse meted out on the woman by the carer named Ashikiah Reid, 36. It shows Reid slapping the victim’s hand away and leaning on her ribs, causing her to cry out.

As soon as her bosses were shown the footage, Reid was dismissed. She has now been given an eight-month prison sentence for her abuse.

Prosecutor Alison Scott Jones said: “The family certainly did not anticipate what we are about to see. The handling lacks compassion. There is no communication with the patient about what is going on. It is very sterile and rough.

I think that she NEEDS to remain in jail until her human conscience is restored to place… I don’t know about you?

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