Funny Pastors: Why Does Pastors Seek Online Payment Of Tithes, Offerings While People Church Members Suffer Coronavirus Menace.

Funny Pastors: Why Does Pastors Seek Online Payment Of Tithes, Offerings While Church Members Suffer Coronavirus Menace.

So the question is –
Why Did Some Pastors Start Seek Online Payment Of Tithes, Offerings and other kinda Seeds few days into lockdown due to Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic In most countries?

Just while many church members are suffering immensely and reacting differently to their misfortune!!


Criticisms have continued to track the introduction of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code from the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners’ Chapel), based on Bishop David Oyedepo, to allow members make online payments of offerings and tithes, as solutions are mostly held online due to the pandemic Coronavirus.

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According to the critics, the initiative was a lost and insensitive step since they expressed that the church ought to have toed the route of other church leaders and organizations which makes relief contributions to cushion the fiscal implications surrounding the stay at home directive from the Nigerian authorities in containing the spread of Coronavirus.

See I Paid.
That is Oyedepo’s contribution. See I just wired as my tithe.

“We always believe politicians are the worst people in Nigeria but Covid 19 has exposed these. While politicians are looking forward for fund for Nigerians, these pastors are thinking of ways to empty us at this trying time.”

Still another post also noted, “Why should this be the priority of a church right now in a public health emergency?”

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Another critic said, “That is gross insensitivity and desperation on the part of Winners’ Chapel. Instead of looking out for the welfare of thousands of their church members that are struggling to live and eat in this important period, the church is simply concerned about how to additional milk its own malnourished associates for tithes and donations…

“The decision of God is going to be heavy and severe on Nigerian pastors, to include Oyedepo. Is it too much for our mega pastors to contribute the cash and to market their personal jets crisis capital? Can it be too much to convert the church buildings that are exotic?


“The folks I pity most are the gullible church members who can’t even afford to pay the exorbitant fees these chains are charging in their own schools. Religion isn’t a significant issue in Nigeria. The significant problem is that Nigerians are very much gullible. The so-called GOs (General Overseers) are smiling to the banks. Jesus wasn’t like that.

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On the contrary, another critic, perhaps a member, in defense of the church, stated,”I will surely cover my offerings, tithes, etc.. If it pains you to simply die, don’t wait for corona.”

But, the church at its reaction said it didn’t make or emphasize it compulsory for members to pay tithes and offerings along with other obligations.


The church maintained that those who attach value, progress, and gratification to payment of tithes, offerings and seeds won’t be comfortable defaulting in the payment, and consequently their petition for USSD to prevent a backlog of payment.


While treating the allegation that the church had been”reckless” and”insensitive” with a wave of the hand, Professor Sheriff Folarin, a representative of the church, in a phone chat, stated the church had always been in the forefront of bringing relief to the public, both inside and away from the shore especially in times of crisis.


Folarin noted that Bishop Oyedepo had been unwilling to make public the interventions made by the church including the construction of streets, in various places, and relief contributions. He explained the church founder had generally emphasized that”whatever anybody gives is between the individual and God.”


Folarin added: “Let us reason together, tithes and offerings aren’t mandatory in Winners’ church, so there’s absolutely no time it is emphasized. There are individuals who have in paying their offerings, tithes, and working for 17, religious pride. Winners’ Church as whatever you give, introduced by committing with envelopes will be between you and God as Bishop Oyedepo will state.


“The church is a responsible church. Remember the intervention it offered to those of Koma village in Nigeria, Rwanda, and other things. Noise isn’t made by us, the church is there for the people.

The USSD introduced has been demanded by both associates and the church gave in to their need. For those condemning it, I inform you it isn’t good listening to the sound of the marketplace.


On what the church had in stock to bring about help combat the scourge of this rampaging Coronavirus, he stated,”we do not follow the crowd. I can assure you we’ve got our strategies.”


On the requirement for Oyedepo’s arrest, especially by a politician within the church agency of March 22, he stated, “it was unfortunate that politicians that milk the country could make such irresponsible demands.”

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