Is This New Open Social Feed The Solution For Publishers Struggling With Constant Facebook Changes?

Is This New Open Social Feed The Solution For Publishers Struggling With Constant Facebook Changes?

Last year, the Pew Research Center reported that two-thirds (67%) of all Americans get at least some of the news on social networking. As a result, media publishers have been plugging millions of dollars and resources into growing their social networking presence. It has been problematic for brands like LittleThings, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and Mashable.

To assist media publishers that rely On social websites increase their audiences, Revcontent — the world’s fastest-growing recommendation network — has launched a new technology called assists media publishers who rely on social media to increase their audiences by providing a publisher hosted platform dispersed in the very first truly open feed.

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“Media Publishers are becoming more and more dependent on social networks to discuss articles and grow audiences, and they have been looking for ways to get back to a model where they have their articles onto their site and are able to grow micro-communities around in their media platforms. That is where the idea for came out,” explained John Lemp, the CEO of Revcontent, and “With the recent Facebook changes and assault on the open web, is a welcome option for media publishers looking to recover lost traffic.” Basically allows users to create a personalized web experience in an unlimited scroll feed which promotes additional content from that same publisher. The recirculation of this content increases the amount of time that users spend on their site, which increases earnings as a result.


At 531 percent higher average time on site than societal, resulting in a significantly improved user experience and better engagement with our articles. We’re seeing a 4-5X growth in participation before personalization and up to 11X once users personalize their content. This is a significant gamechanger for media publishers that care about their users,” Newsweek Media Group CEO Dev Prasad pointed out.


The recirculation of this content through is also designed in an intuitive and familiar way that social media users are accustomed to. You will find emoji reactions like Exciting, Love, Interesting, Sad, Angry, and Gross. The technology also supports in-feed video, polls, and native advertising integration options, all commanded directly by the writer.


Revcontent over the previous three decades and was made using proprietary technologies built in house. “The same scalable delivery method and dynamic architecture were integrated into,” added Lemp. is the first genuinely open feed, a major benefit for Publishers which are heavily reliant on”walled gardens” for example Facebook. is readily available for integration at no expense to publishers and there are not any requirements for advertising integration. And utilizes predictive algorithms using over 30 million signals to recognize specific recommendations for consumers and send personalized content at the right moment.

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And’s user interest Graph has over 3,000 profound user interest sections that are influenced by current trends in user behaviors and content consumption. And it allows for users to further personalize content by signing into utilizing Facebook sign-in integration.


“We Use state of the art machine learning techniques to construct accurate user cohorts and the way these cohorts perform for each advertiser. This lets us drive exceptionally personalized recommendations that consumers are thinking about and also increase operation for our partners,” said Harsh Jain — Revcontent’s Director of Engineering — that led the implementation of this technology. is currently in beta Testing with major publishers as well as the company saw its partners detecting 30X in user signups, a 4-5X growth in CTR, and a 2-3X growth in revenue dependent on the internal content feed under their articles. When users log in using their Facebook credentials, publishers visiting a 10-11X growth in CTR and that’s a significant selling point for networking publishers of all sizes. A few of the publishers which are conducting tests include Newsweek Media Group (demonstration ) and Thought Catalog (demo).

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