Meghan Markle Finally Meets With Beyonce And Jay-z

Meghan Markle Finally Meets With Beyonce And Jay-z

So what’s up dudes, 

It’s Meghan Markle and Beyonce, glorious get-together – as others say.

Realistically, Meghan is going places she never expected to be all her life.
she’s meeting the people that she never envisaged meeting in her entire life and there is no doubt – grace found her.


Meghan Markle Finally Meets With Beyonce And Jay-z


I’m again reminiscing on the day Prince Harry and Meghan got married and the lit wedding event!

Since this video went viral on the web, prosocial media followers have been discussing heavily on the topic. 

This thing called GRACE. I’m sure a few years back, Meghan would never have thought she would stand in the same room as Beyonce, not even this close, and now they even look privileged to meet her. Jay-Z was even careful not to overly hug. GOD’S GRACE is incomprehensible, indescribable.



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