Nigerians And Common Sense Issues: Coza Pastor Rape Allegations With Pst. Shola Jordan Adeoye –

Nigerians And Common Sense Issues: Coza Pastor Rape Allegations With Pst. Shola Jordan Adeoye

Nigerians And Common Sense Issue: ” Part 1″

What message are we really trying to convey?

It’s no longer new story that most Nigerians who have made it to territories in the European Union and Americas now see some their fellow countrymen back home as a people without exposure!!

Lol, that’s quite funny, but apparently not intended…

Oh yea, the reality remains that some Nigerians think themselves to be greatly learned and updated: no doubt, Nigerians are some of the most Intelligent people in the world.

But how do we handle that notion or stereotype that most Nigerians are really very backward when it comes to Forward-thinking? 

In Pst. Shola Jordan Adeoye recently published a video (WATCH FULL VIDEO);

Nigerians And Common Sense Issues: Coza Pastor Rape Allegations With Pst. Shola Jordan Adeoye -

he cited many reasons to believe that Most Nigerians (Youths and Adults) lacks the commonest Common Sense that humans need to stand the test of time, technological advancement, innovation and overall growth of a people.

If you’d ask me… truth to be told: I’m 80% in support of his motion and thoughts. Despite the fact that a few Facebook Users criticized and condemned his approach on the topic – especially the ‘generalization’ part, where he reinstated that lack of common sense applies to all Nigerians.

OK, yadda!! 

I decided to let this title reign: Nigerians And Common Sense Issue.

While also taking this topic a bit further to contain some of the recent happenings and social issues trending in the country and social media for that region at especially this time.

OK, let’s focus more energy on the first and most controversial: The Coza Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Rape Case With Busola Dokolo.

I know how seriously heated this topic is on social media as we read, and bet me – opinions and contributions on this topic can make you ‘go into a state of higgledy-piggledy’ lol 😂😂😂.

The truth is: Many Nigerians still never believed that the Lady in question “Busola Dakolo” is a traitor and gold-digger or some sort of attention seeker.

Simply because she is NOT a PASTOR and the Accused is a PASTOR? lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

But oh! common, this is not the time to tantrums at Jack or Jill… it should rather a moment of ‘sagacious ponderance and meticulous reasoning’ – let’s get it!

And instead of Nigerians or responsible authorities to diplomatically investigate this matter and subject the perpetrator to the full wrath of the Law: Many comments and mixed reactions on social media shows otherwise.

What a bombshell… Indeed a country, what a people, Nigerians and common sense Issues!!

The truth remains that Nigeria has the largest number of Churches in Africa,
The largest church / religious worship facility in Africa,
The Richest pastors in Africa and the world,
The largest congregation in the world,

But yet, some of the poorest people, church members, and irredeemable illiterates.

Do we have a country in Nigeria where people follow their leaders blindly and too cowardice to question rulings and laws and matters of public interest?

Do we have a country in Nigeria where people ONLY listen to Pastors, Spiritual fathers, Imams, Prophets, Evangelists, Foreseers and all manner or fake leadership schemers? 

Do we have a country in Nigeria where all honest and selfless people NEVER get the opportunity to lead and guide; whereas the Vampires, Thieves, Rogues, and Unscrupulous Bottlenecks better represent the image of the entire Cabinet in Politicking?

Like… people barely take their time on sensitive matters other than immediate conclusive tactics that make little or no sense in sequence. 

Bukola Dakolo Rape Tale: Full Video Below


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