The body of a six-year-old girl ‘kidnapped by her dad’ has been found in a bag 3,000ft below sea level.

The body of a six-year-old girl ‘kidnapped by her dad’ has been found in a bag 3,000ft below sea level.

A Body found in a bag 3,000 feet down on the Atlantic Ocean seabed off Tenerife has been confirmed by the Spanish authorities to be that of missing six-year-old girl Olivia Gimeno.

Olivia Gimeno was identified after an autopsy was carried out on a body found inside a sports bag on the seabed near Port of Guimar, Spain.

Spanish rescuers found the bag tied down to an anchor 1,000m below the surface.

The mother of the two girls, Beatriz Zimmerman, has been informed of the discovery.


The hunt for Olivia’s younger sister, Anna,  (pictured below) is still ongoing.

Olivia and Anna’s mother, who is divorced from their father, Tomas, alleges he told her she would never see him or her daughters again.  

Now, authorities say a body, thought to be Olivia’s, has been found in a sports bag deep underwater and weighed down by an anchor.

The discovery – made three nautical miles off the coast, between the port of Güímar and Santa Cruz de Tenerife –  has also sparked fears that the body of one-year-old Anna may never be found after another holdall was found nearby, but with nothing inside.

The girls’ mother, Beatriz Zimmerman, has been informed of the discovery.


Police reported that her ex Tomas Antonio Gimeno, 37, disappeared with the girls on April 27 after failing to return them to their home in Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s capital.

A spokesman for Spanish police said: “The body was found by a robot from the search vessel Angeles Alvarino at midday [yesterday] around 1,000 meters below the water some three miles off the Tenerife coast.

“It was inside a sports bag attached to an anchor. Next to it was another empty sports bag.

“The body was taken to dry land for an autopsy. 

The vessel called Angeles Alvarino is continuing its search.”


 A social media campaign was launched when the disappearance first emerged, in a desperate effort to help and support the girls’ mother.

The appeal was backed by a number of high-profile figures, including football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez.

In a post to her 24 million Instagram followers, Ms. Rodriguez wrote: 

‘I want to use my reach on this great social network to make sure this reaches as many people as possible.

‘These are two sisters who are being searched for in Spain and abroad. They are called Olivia and Anna and are aged six and one.

‘Their mum is seeking maximum publicity for this video to try to find them as soon as possible and bring them home.

‘I hope with all my heart that the girls are found safe and well and can hug their mum again soon.’

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Also reacting to the tragedy, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted: 

“I cannot begin to imagine the pain of the mother of little Anna and Olivia, who disappeared in Tenerife, following the terrible news we have just heard.

“I send a hug and my love and that of my whole family, who today show solidarity with Beatriz and her loved ones.”

 Jose Manuel Bermudez, the mayor of Tenerife capital Santa Cruz, announced a minute’s silence for Anna and Olivia would be held at midday Friday, June 11.

 He said: “There are no words to express the terrible desolation I feel.

 “From respect at the mother’s pain and with all the caution the terrible news that is reaching us deserves, I want to express to the family all the solidarity of the citizens of Santa Cruz.”


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