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The Emily Owens Story: Playing Politics despite Rape and Verbal Attacks

“Recovery is a process. I’m in that journey, I turned my anger into forgiveness of my rapist.”

Emily Owens & Labour parliament!

Twenty-five year old Emily Owens is the Labour party candidate for Aberconwy in North Wales. She felt inspired to speak up after left-wing columnist Owen Jones was attacked outside a London Pub last month.



This Labour parliamentary candidate has claimed she was drugged and raped last year in a politically motivated attack. She did not report the incident to the police to personal reasons. But she had always been supported by a rape charity.

Prior to this incident, Emily has been explicit messages and antagonized on online platforms about her bra size and sexually rude comments about what acts she would be prepared to perform to win votes.

Emily Owens asserted that people were being “attacked, raped and murdered” for holding opposing views to the prime minister and Brexit party leader Nigel Farage. She has vowed to stand up for those who feel their voices can’t be heard.



Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott praised Emily saying, “It is incredibly brave to speak out the way you have, and I know it will be a source of support and inspiration to others. Solidarity.”

Emily has contested for the same seat in 2017 under the same party. There could be a game-changer for her this time around.




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