The Rich Also Cry: Reasons Behind Dubai's Famous Ruler Wife Princess Haya's Escape-1

The Rich Also Cry: Reasons Behind Dubai’s Famous Ruler Wife Princess Haya’s Escape

What a shaka-laka boom boommmm! A Bombshell, a real and realest Bombshell🗯🗯🗯🗯🗯!


OK, guys, The Also Cry and we all should learn that.

That you are rich and famous does not literally make you a God or the Son of God! 

Anyways, the Son of God also went through a lot of hard times (If NOT apparently the worst) during his coming and time on earth.

The Rich Also Cry: Reasons Behind Dubai's Famous Ruler Wife Princess Haya's Escape

We all know the trending news on the web and social media since the past 48 hours and I must confess, it’s undoubtedly one of those kinds that makes me get into talking about ‘common sense’ and the modern day society.

For those of you who missed it, here is a quick recap… watch the full video and post here.

  • Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein plotted her escape with their children for months
  • She discovered her husband had lied about the treatment of his daughter Latifa 
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum is taking his estranged wife to court

So back to the deal of the day…

Many still do not know the reasons behind the whole escape saga and the subsequent Child Abduction and Divorce cases filed by both Couples. 

But like always, I would say – The rich also cry.

There are sure, more reasons behind what we all may know now.

They’re hidden beneath the grasses. I mean, how on earth will a person living more than a comfortable life suddenly decide the put it to a miserable end? 

Going by media releases and stories from close observers…

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A family source said: ‘Princess Haya finally learned the truth about what her husband did to his own daughter and feared the same could happen to her.

‘She went along with what was said after Latifa escaped last year but found out for herself what she had persevered afterward. And that  makes her ask herself intermittently, what kind of man puts his own daughter in prison for that very much longer time – approx 2 years?’

Watch Full Video


The reality was that she went along with what was told to her

After Latifa escaped last year and was recovered by special forces under her husband’s command.

But later found out for herself the secret. Latifa, who’s 33, fled Dubai on a yacht last year but was caught by special forces and is currently imprisoned in the Gulf state.

Facts revealed that she made series of video recordings before being captured saying her life was a hoax and guaranteeing she had been tormented and gone through two years in jail after a past getaway attempt as an adolescent fizzled.

The family source said it was Princess Haya’s acknowledgment that her better half had the option to detain his very own daughter – and her consequent feelings of dread for her very own two kids – that set off her choice to leave.

Haya is understood to have spent several months planning her escape and is now believed to be at her £85m home in Kensington, West London, while she awaits a court hearing later this month.

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