Brazilian Doctor Giovanni BezerraAssaults Woman During C-Section

Why D*ick In The Mouth? Brazilian Doctor Assaults a Nursing Mother During ChildBirth.

Finally many were already beginning to think that this Brazilian Doctor was a Psycho!! For being involved, being caught and found guilty of such a shameful and abhorrent act. Personally, I will award him (Giovanni Bezerra, 32) a 10 years jail term if I was gonna be the presiding judge over this case – sigh! 

So now the main story.

A Brazilian anesthetist, Giovanni Bezerra, 32 was recently associated with participating in odious exercises because of worries about the huge amount of medications he gave patients. The medical clinic staff then, at that point, put on a secret camera to figure out what he was doing and were stunned.

They found that for almost 10 minutes, while a c-section was performed, he truly assaulted a pregnant lady.

From the recording, he “wore an open shroud around himself, extending his outline and situated himself such that kept anybody from seeing the patient.”

He did this to have the option to embed his penis into her mouth while a medical procedure was going on. An observer who watched the video said, “From the development and the ebb and flow of the arm, he seemed as though he was holding the patient’s head towards his penis region.”

The woman, on the other hand, couldn’t recollect the details of the occasions (as she was intensely sedated), however she heard him (Giovanni Bezerra, 32) murmur delicately into her ears and inquired as to whether she was alright.

Police are investigating whether he raped two other of his patients he was performing surgery on that day.

According to reports, Giovanni was found guilty of the crime, he has since been charged with rape and would likely face eight to fifteen years in prison any time soon.

Happy Fathers Day To Those That Have Used Their Penis Wisely – Mr Jollof

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