Katie Price Announces Her Engagement To Boyfriend Kris Boyson

You Can’t Be Happy That Katie Price Is getting Married to The Fourth Guy – NO!!

Katie Price Announces Her Engagement To Boyfriend Kris Boyson

– Sets to marry for the fourth time 😂😂😂

Lol, isn’t that a bombshell, whoaa!!!

But come to think of it, not really like I’m making jest of this blog update or the character, but rather; it’s so appalling to write and read.

Ok! in the News…

41-year-old media personnel  Katie Price is about to get married for the fourth time. 

Katie Price is currently engaged to Kris Boyson. She made the announcement on Loose Women and showed off her engagement ring.




While speaking about her new album, she was asked what her big announcement was and she laughed and said: “Can’t you see?” She then flashed the ring on her finger then added:   “Kris bought the ring for that finger so there you go, I have luck in my life.”

The panelists went on to ask her about her soon to be ex-husband Kieran Hayler, who she married in 2013, and whether or not he still has feelings for her.


In reply,  Katie laughed and said:  “The thing is with me and Kieran, we would never have split up if he had behaved himself. We get on so well, the banter, we have two children together and it’s so nice when you get on with your ex when you have children.” 


Speaking of her new fiance, Katie said: “He’s a good guy and he’s so good with Harvey (her son) and Harvey is obsessed with him.”


Katie Price Announces Her Engagement To Boyfriend Kris Boyson -2


Katie also said her ex-husband and her fiance get along well.


She added: “Kieran and Kris get on. They do get on so that’s good, with Pete, I’m talking to Pete a bit – I talk to Emily more than him – so things are going well.”


Now that’s the end, what’s about the common sense factor 😒😒😒?

OK, let the critics begin.

I know that Quite a few numbers of persons are excited at this latest development, but if I May ASK, what’s the whole idea of Katie Price getting married again for 4th time?

Is she so lucky, OR is the Guy so lucky??

What a bombshell!!

Are you kidding me???

Like, for real, the fourth f*cking time and ya’ll are celebrating and jubilating about it?

I really don’t have much to say and possibly won’t say a thing. But, what’s the guarantee that this new union will last a while?


How is the guy that sure a split or divorce will not be the next new News and boommmmmm, she’s unto the next (possibly the fifth guy/marriage).

Lol, this is an exemplary hypothesis of end-time and the fall of Man.


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